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    Comprehensive translation

    At iLanguage, we are committed to each customer and ensure the timely completion of quality and accurate translations. We maintain the top quality of our service to provide the customers with full confidence. We aim to establish long-term cooperative relationships with all our customers in all economic sectors and translation categories which include, but are not limited to:

    Technical translation: Medical care and medicines, information technology, machinery etc., and documents related to specialised fields, technical manuals, and academic papers.

    Business translation: Financial reports, tender documents, prospectuses, documents or reports related to listed companies, strategic plans and letters of intent.

    PR translation: Company newsletters, press releases, public notices and books for large-scale publication.

    Legal translation: Court documents, contracts, letters of appointment, all kinds of clauses and certificates.

    Advertising translation: All kinds of promotional materials, publications, brochures, website content and customer magazines.

    Art and literary translation: Literary works, artwork briefs, books and literature.

    Theatrical translation: Film subtitles, scripts and various broadcast manuscripts.

    We offer the translation of all kinds of languages from around the world, including rare languages, providing comprehensive support to customers. Our main translation services include specialised translations, certified translations and quick turnaround translations.

    Specialised translation

    The rapid development of today's society and technological advances constantly create large numbers of new terminology, therefore the demands on translators have become increasingly high. Our translators have extensive professional qualifications and a deep understanding of their particular fields of translation; in addition to their grasp of the developing trends in their own languages, they are also familiar with the requirements of various types of textual documents and are adept at using translation tools to improve the efficiency and quality of their translations.

    In addition, we follow the native speaker principle; specialist translators who are not only proficient in the original language, but more so in their native target language, can accurately translate the original with the authenticity and great detail of their own native language.

    For documents which will be distributed or published, in order to achieve the highest accuracy and to keep the translation as close to the original as possible, while at the same time producing a translation which reads fluently, we provide additional review and editing services especially for customers to create the most beneficial results.

    Certified translation

    Government agencies and consular departments usually require certified translation, which provides extra protection; this makes the translation more accurate. Our translators have received official legal recognition, the absolute highest standard of competence in translation work. We provideour company certification free of charge to general government departments and embassies in Hong Kong.

    Quick turnaround translation

    The quick turnaround translation service we offer covers all major languages and provides customers with round the clock service to ensure the completion of high-quality translations in the shortest time possible; this help customers cope with a rapidly changing business environment and seize fleeting opportunities.

    Any emergency translation requirements, regardless of size or type, even with one day deadlines, or services required on weekends or public holidays etc. will be our pleasure to provide strong support for customers.

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