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    Your interpreting partners, any time and any place.

    Conference interpreting

    Conference interpreters provide simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.

    Simultaneous interpreting requires specialised equipment, so if the meeting or seminar venue lacks such equipment, our interpreters can also be directly beside the listener and whisper the interpreting. The challenge for interpreters engaging in real-time interpreting is great; to ensure accurate interpreting, our interpreters are required to carry out in depth advance preparatory work.

    For consecutive interpreting, the interpreter waits until the speaker has finished their sentence before translating it; such services are used for seminars, international conferences or business negotiations.

    Court interpreting

    iLanguage’s interpreters have passed through rigorous professional training and received recognitions as court interpreters; they are ready to serve customers in company meetings or tribunals whenever necessary. This type of interpreting mainly serves groups of listeners, without notes or any interpreting equipment. When the speaker speaks, the interpreter will interpret immediately after, and the speaker will wait until the interpreter has completed the previous sentence before moving onto the next. As the speakers and interpreters are not synchronised, this kind of interpretation requires a relatively large amount of time.

    Personal interpreting

    iLanguage’s personal interpreters often accompany customers out and about, at large trade fairs, business dinners, cultural events, study or business travel, becoming close partners. For the interpreting of general services such as those in informal settings, the major premise of the translation is the transmission of the meaning; as such these tend to be more casual and approachable.

    Personal interpreters require a high degree of professionalism, because a lot of the time in addition to translating, they also need to clarify in detail the context or content, to ensure that the listener completely understands. Sometimes personal interpreters must also explain some cultural differences to avoid occurrences of misunderstanding.

    Telephone interpreting

    With the developments in telephone technology, through advanced voice systems or Skypeand other instant internet communication software, iLanguage’s interpreters can provide customers with a telephone interpretation service. Parties involved in the conversation speak in their respective native languages and the interpreters ensure that all parties communicate fluidly, delivering messages accurately.
    Telephone interpreters are required to be particularly sensitive to cultural differences, alert to the intonation or double entendre, with nuanced understanding. Furthermore, since the content of the conversation cannot be predicted, interpreters must cope, thus posing a greater challenge to them.

    Multinational companies often need to negotiate or conference call to discuss sales, contracts, business travel or appointment related matters etc.; telephone interpreters play a vital role in their midst.

    Special double interpreting

    There are some language combinations for which it can be very difficult to find an interpreter capable of interpreting directly, for example Nepali and Chinese, Thai and Korean etc. In this case two interpreters are needed to carry out two consecutive interpreting services; firstly the source language interpreter translates into a language with broad coverage, generally English, which is then translated by the second interpreter into the target language.

    This service is generally used in relation to large-scale, multi-lingual seminars or meetings; in such cases it can be difficult to achieve direct interpreting from the source language to the target language, so more often than not consecutive translation is required.

    Additional considerations

    (1) If the interpreting involves recording, and could possibly be used in other media such as the internet, television or radio, interpreters must first be entered into a separate agreement and fee arrangement, in order to acquire a copyright on the interpretation service.
    (2) Prior preparation for interpreters is very important; it depends on the customer to provide relevant information, for example conference documents or presentations with any terminology which is expected to be used, charts, websites or other material to help them prepare.
    (3) During the event, it is requested that customers leave the interpreter sufficient time to fully understand the message and then speak their interpretation.
    (4) If conducting a long meeting, it is requested that rest time is arranged, as interpretingrequires focused concentration and working long hours without respite will affect efficiency.

    The most considerate service

    Our interpreting team has extensive experience and is equipped with all kinds of advanced equipment; they are willing to respond to the needs of the customers and provide specialist advice and technical support, becoming a strong backing force for the customer at all times. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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